Forest and Trees

When we’re embedded in the same environment for an extended time, we tend to habituate ourselves to the norms of that environment. In a work context, we begin to assume that the way things are done in our organization is the best way, or the normal way, or the standard way, or the only possible way things could be done in our context.

When the time comes when we perceive the need for change, we know we aren’t satisfied with the outcomes we’re achieving. Most of us can probably see that any outcome we achieve is the direct result of the actions we take. But it isn’t natural for us to question current methods, or even to see which aspects of current reality may be leading us to the outcomes we don’t want.

In times like those, we benefit from an outside perspective. The outsider isn’t habituated to our current reality. The connections between our actions and our outcomes may be easier for an outsider to see.

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